Historical Sites

Commemorative Sites of Katherine NT

Springvale Homestead
Shadforth Road

O’Keeffe House
River Bank Drive

Old Gallon License Store
Gorge Road, Bullock Creek

Railway Museum
Railway Terrace – CBD

Overland Telegraph Pylons
Bullock Creek

Wheel Shrinking Pit

Railway Bridge

O’Shea’s Water Fountain
In park across from Kirby’s Hotel (known as 50c park)

Olney Bell
Near Eugene Betti Bridge

Emungalan Graves
End of Gwendoline Drive

Katherine Museum
Gorge Road

Katherine Gorge
Gorge Road

Maggie Brays Grave
North Bank Arndt’s Rd

Hot Springs
River Bank Drive near Katherine South Primary School.

It is possible that it used  to be called Rose Springs in the late 1900′s as is where Rose Campbell died giving birth of her second child. A square of stones above her was piled by Jules Baumard.

Rose was a stock boy from Renner springs and a wonderful rider, her partner Jim Campbell had to fight the head stockman in Renner Springs for her hand and won.

Katherine Meat Works
Site of the 121 AGH during World War two and the 101 AGH and War Cemetery


Tamarind Tree
Planted on the corner of Giles and First Street was planted by Sergeant Bob Woods and his wife

Blood Wood Tree
Middle of Katherine Terrace in front of Red Rooster.

Became known as the Tree of Knowledge. This was because in the young years of Katherine, men would gather there and relate stories to each other.

Kintore Caves

The Emungalan Upgrade

The Museum

Located only 3km from the Katherine Post Office on the way to Katherine Gorge is the fascinating Katherine Outback Heritage Museum - a 'must see' tourist stop to visitors of this region. Share our yesterday’s today!

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Opening Hours

Opening Hours.

The Katherine Museum is closed during the wetseason. Follow us on Facebook for updates on events and re-opening hours.
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